Product Designing, Product Sourcing, Contract Manufacturing, Job Production

VANIKHA is a platform for companies who are looking for quality products sourced in India or imported from any part of the globe. We at VANIKHA ensures quantity and cost that is satisfactory to the need of a buyer making no compromise in the quality at any level.

Vanikha offers the following services:

  • Product Designing
  • Product Sourcing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Job Production is another venture of VANIKHA wherein we buy slow movers. Dead stock and non moving goods that add on to any company’s liability and blocks the working capital.

VANIKHA as the name suggests is a small forest that quenches all your hunger and thirst – signifying the way we make the cluttering and hurdles of sourcing a easy exercise and not get you lost in the wild jungles of products and sourcing. Further VANIKHA also means a sound, a melody that emits – and this is the way we work….smoothly.

“We strive for VALUE ADDITION at every stage creating a NICHE using KAIZEN and HANDS DOWN APPROACH at all junctures”

VANIKHA The words that help understand our mission